Our mission

Our mission is to provide high quality of most types of products and general supplies, such as Pharmaceutical Products, Medical Consumable & Disposable, hospital furniture and etc services with reasonable cost to our customers, and help the economics of our society by providing the equal employment opportunity to our young generation.

Our Vision

Omid Sehat LTD vision is to help the people of Afghanistan experience a healthy life by providing high quality of General Supplies, Pharmaceutical Products, Medical Consumable & Disposable, hospital furniture and services both locally and internationally with honesty, knowledge and trust in our relationship with our customers.


Omid Sehat LTD Company’s success ties beyond its objectives. Surely, besides planning how to do business, to know what is there that you want to reach, is more important and more significant than anything else. Determining objectives and planning ways toward reaching those goals is what always improves our company during the bright growth of our company since establishment.

Short-Term Objectives

  • Technical and medical assistance for public and private medical and non-medical organizations.
  • Providing a good friendly environment for the employees and improving communications skills among them
  • Inaugurating an independent cultural department in the organizational chart of the company in order to improve and provide a better cultural environment.
  • Improving working capacity and increasing new services for customers.
  • Investing for capacity building and academic trainings for employees.
  • Adjustment of a professional management system in all administrative and production departments.
  • Paying attention to all healthcare and security issues of the staff involved directly to the company.
  • Expanding after-sale services with new and modern methods.
  • Supporting healthcare and medical centers.
  • Increasing ability and capacity of using modern technology in different departments.
  • Increasing goods quality and standardizing all imported items.
  • Providing various effective programs for facilitating costumer services and supporting customers

  • Long-term Objectives

  • Struggling and taking part in the holy purpose of developing our country Afghanistan and trying to take part in reconstructions of our beloved country.
  • Expanding modern medical services and modern medical equipment’s for facilitation of treatment.
  • Decreasing the need for foreign healthcare equipment’s.
  • Establishment and inauguration of new branches for expanding in more 10 ten provinces of Afghanistan
  • Training technical and professional staff by holding seminars and by sending them abroad.
  • Positive Competition with other companies for supporting the union of the companies in order to empower the economy of our country.

  • Our Future:

    Omid Sehat LTD leadership has set the company on a path of continued expansion and growth. As a responsive company we know that we should continue to provide high quality products and service to help everyone meets a healthy life experience.
    In the course of the next several years, we are positioning ourselves to focus on:
  • Expanding modern medical business.
  • Establishing and inaugurating of new branches for production and expanding our branches to reach across the most provinces of Afghanistan
  • We continue to focus on our customers and understanding how we can better build our company to meet the ever challenging and important needs of the people we serve.

    Area of Working:

    General Supplies Such As:
    - Office Supplies
    - Electric & Electronic Supplies
    - Construction material Supplies
    - School Supplies
    - Clothing Supplies
    - Painting Supplies
    - Carpentry Supplies
    - HVAC Supplies
    - Cleaning Supplies
    - Stationery Supplies
    - Emergency Supplies
    - Bedding Supplies
    - Winterization kits
    - etc.
    Medical Supplies Such As:
    - Medical Equipment’s
    - Operation Room
    1. Anesthesia Machine
    1a. Anesthesia Machine with two Vaporizer
    1b. Anesthesia Machine with one Vaporizer
    2. Ventilator Machine
    3. ECG
    4. Defibrillator
    5. Syringe Pump & Infusion Pump
    6. Operating Lamp & Table
    6a. OT Light 5Reflector
    6b. OT Light 9Reflector
    6c. OT Table Manual
    6d. OT Table Electric
    7. Patient Monitor
    7a. Patient Monitor 8inch
    7b. Patient Monitor 10inch
    7c. Patient Monitor 12inch
    7d. Patient Monitor 15inch